Meet ThatChori

Hello lovely people,

Thank you so much for dropping by my website!

Let me /allow me to give you a gist about myself, first things first, my name is Monali Shah, I graduated in Commerce and worked as a Financial Analyst for 3 years. I later quit my stable full-time job to explore the Digital Marketing and F & B Industry and faired well.

The name THATCHORI was ideated from the Hinglish vogue around. It is not just a random blog but a piece of my heart. Food is the essence of my life, (with everything else being equally important.)

Born, bought up and lost in the fast-paced life of Mumbai, found in the calms of Bangalore.

No more single. Since February 2019… Married to my soulmate and travel enthusiast Nikhil

You will know me in the course of our delicious and adventurous journey together… As you keep reading my blogs.

Much Love,